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Financial Donations

RealOptions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All contributions of materials & finances are tax deductible. All services are provided to our clients at no charge and without government funding. There are several ways to donate financially to RealOptions.

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Ways to Give

When you include RealOptions in your estate plan, you not only take advantage of the tax benefits of charitable giving, but you also help secure the future of our purpose and mission for generations to come.

Legacy giving is a form of charitable giving that allows you to make a gift to RealOptions in the future without substantially affecting your income today. There are various legacy giving options:

Gifts that Pay You Income

Testamentary Charitable Remainder Trust

Often referred to as a "Give-it-Twice" trust, a testamentary charitable remainder trust is established by a bequest from the donor, often from their IRA account or other retirement plan assets.  This structure allows for a series of payments to children for a select term of years and avoids the negative income tax consequences of a lump sum withdrawal.  When the trust ends, any remaining trust value transfers to charity as instructed.

Gifts You Make Today

  • Charitable IRA Rollover (Direct Distribution of your required minimum distribution)
  • Memorial and Honorary Gifts
  • Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Donor Advised Funds

Gifts That Make an Impact after Your Lifetime


The most popular form of legacy gift, a bequest is a gift that you make to RealOptions Pregnancy Medical Clinics through your will. It allows you to support the RealOptions Pregnancy Medical Clinics mission, while not touching the assets and funds that you need now.

How to make a bequest:

Please seek advice.

We recommend that you seek advice from a solicitor to ensure that the wording of your will reflects your exact wishes. You may also wish to speak to an accountant with respect to taxation and financial matters.

It is important to remember to review your will regularly when life circumstances change.

There are several types of bequests:

(Sample bequest language - Please modify amounts or percentages as needed.)


Unrestricted bequest from Will:

"I hereby give $20,000 [or 20% of my residuary estate] to RealOptions Pregnancy Medical Clinics, a California nonprofit corporation, of San Jose, California."

Restricted bequest from Will:

"I hereby give $20,000 [or 20% of my residuary estate] RealOptions Pregnancy Medical Clinics, a California nonprofit corporation, of San Jose, California, to be used for __________."


Unrestricted bequest from Trust:

"$20,000 [or 20% of the residue of the trust estate] is to be distributed to RealOptions Pregnancy Medical Clinics, a California nonprofit corporation, of San Jose, California."

Restricted bequest from Trust:

"$20,000 [or 20% of the residue of the trust estate] is to be distributed to RealOptions Pregnancy Medical Clinics, a California nonprofit corporation, of San Jose, California, to be used for __________."

Beneficiary Designations:

Continue supporting our work even after your lifetime by naming us as beneficiary:

  • Gift of Life Insurance
  • Insurance Annuity Assets (gift of policy or name charity as beneficiary)
  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
  • Other retirement or pension accounts

The RealOptions Endowment Fund:

An endowment is a permanent fund established for the ongoing financial support of vital ministries. An endowment fund is prudently invested with the goal of producing both current incomes to support the work of ministry, and long term growth in principal to protect against inflation and meet future ministry needs. Each year only a portion of the proceeds, or earnings, of the fund are used; never the principal. Click to learn more about The RealOptions Endowment Fund w/ The National Christian Foundation.

*All donations received are considered as unrestricted contributions unless explicit in writing between the donor and RealOptions. If you would like to restrict your gift for a specific purpose, please discuss your plans with the Planned Giving Department to be sure that such a fund is within RealOptions Pregnancy Medical Clinics programs and that any minimum funding thresholds will be met.

Please contact the Office of Planned Giving for more information regarding restricted bequests, endowments, bequests of retirement plan assets or testamentary planned gifts. Thank you.

Valerie Hill
408-229-9836 Ext. 13



Enhancing Trust

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and member
 in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

RealOptions Pregnancy Medical Clinics
1671 The Alameda, Suite #101
San Jose, CA 95126

What Donors Say

"Luis and I support Real Options as we know the pressures on those involved with crisis pregnancy to "solve their problems" by abortion. 32 years ago I found I was pregnant while finishing graduate school shortly after Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal and a "right". It was the grace of God that let me withstand the pressures around me to abort my daughter, Celeste. There was no supporting organization during that frightening, shameful and uncertain time, and even some in the church were encouraging me to have an abortion. We praise God daily that He blessed us with her life, and we are happy to support this wonderful organization that embraces women and men with hope, healing and love."

Luis and Jan

"Our family believes that all life is precious and amazing. Real Options is a lighthouse for that truth in the Santa Clara Valley. As advocates for life, Real Options provides encouragement, practical help and much more to their clients. We can't think of a better use of our time and resources. Giving to Real Options has been a family affair from the youngest who is three up to the oldest at sixteen. We will continue to support this most wonderful of organizations!"

The Goulding Family

"Everyone can invest in something. We simply make choices based on what we believe will provide the best rewards. I invest in RealOptions because I not only believe in their work, I've witnessed the rewards firsthand: lives saved, hearts healed, and Christ glorified."


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